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Translating Josephus' Greek into Modern Hebrew & English

Instructors: Michael Avioz (Bar-Ilan University) & Steve Mason (University of Groningen)

This two-part, two-hour masterclass will deal with difficulties and strategies associated with translating Josephus' Greek into modern languages. Steve Mason will provide insight from his experience as general editor of the Brill Josephus Project, an ongoing effort to produce English translations with full commentaries for all of Josephus' extant works. Michael Avioz will speak on the current state of affairs regarding modern Hebrew translations of Josephus as a scholar who is deeply immersed in Josephus studies in Israel.



The Latin & Hebrew Reception of Josephus in the Middle Ages

Instructors: “Lege Iosephum!” Team (University of Bern): Carson Bay, René Bloch, Katharina Heyden, Gerlinde Huber-Rebenich, Anthony Ellis, Judith Mania, Sara Moscone, Lena Tröger, with special guests David Levenson (Florida State University) & Tom Martin (College of the Holy Cross)

This masterclass will introduce the complex and largely-unknown details of Josephus' Latin and Hebrew reception history from late antiquity through the Middle Ages. The instructors of this course will be the members of SNF-Sinergeia research team "Lege Iosephum!" from the University of Bern. This group is pioneering research into the Latin and Hebrew Josephus traditions in the Medieval Era. The other instructors, David Levenson and Tom Martin, have defined the contemporary state of research on the text traditions of Josephus' works in Latin. They are currently producing the translation-and-commentary for Jewish War Book 6 of the Brill Josephus Project as well as a critical edition of the Latin text of the same book.